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Becoming qualified and gaining you category E licence entitlement to tow is a straightforward process and can be carried out within your own time-frame.


You can take tuition using your own vehicle with which you propose to tow once you are qualified to do so. Or alternatively you can use our vehicles for you tuition. Our fees for both options are shown in the box to the right.


Training will be carried out on regular public highways alongside our fully qualified training instructor, and also certain manoeuvres will need to be carried out away from the public roads.


We always recommend one on one training but do offer the facility for two or more drivers to share the training time for a small additional cost.


We can assess your current standard of driving when towing – this takes place over a two hour period and will cover all the disciplines required for the category E test. We only provide this assessment service using our own vehicle.


Once we feel you have achieved the necessary driving standard and levels of competency for the final test we can provide you with appropriate trailer hire for use during your test. The actual category E test is carried out by the DSA in accordance with the current legislation on both public roads and also off road at regional test locations. Please click HERE to view information about the category E test. (PDF fact sheet).


Once you have passed the test you will be legally able to tow any load above 750KG or a combined towing and vehicle weight in excess of 3500KG. It may be necessary to inform your insurance company about the load you intend to tow to ensure that you are adequately covered.


To find out more about your entitlement to tow vehicles over a certain size please click HERE to view the official government website, this explains in detail all the options and requirements to tow legally.

One to one training is the best option to maximise the training time though more than one person at a time can be accommodated.
Prices are for either using your own vehicle or a vehicle and trailer supplied by us.

YOUR VEHICLE: B+E Entitlement training
Discounts available for:► Using your own vehicle
► NFU Members
► Young Farmers Members
OUR VEHICLE: B+E Entitlement training Prices Per Hour
Driver assessment two hours RU Trailer Trained vehicle only:POA
Training area hire per session:POA
DSA Test fees weekday:£115
DSA Test fee weekend:£141
Please call all for competitive pricing and/or price match
2 - 3 hr assement:Ideal time to find out what is required to pass the B+E trailer towing and to find a suitable course or just wanting some refresher time.
6hr course (training and test):This course would be only suitable for candidates that have very resently failed a resent B+E towing test or very or very confident drivers with plenty of experience.
9hr course (training one day test on another):Ideal for a driver with some experience of reversing or just needing some refresher time.
12hr course:The most popular course. Ideal for the driver with no experience and starting afresh.
15hr course:This is ideal for the driver that needs more time. Course are based on a 6hr day with breaks and can be organised to suit
the candidates time scheduled if more training / practise is needed
before the test.

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